Optiplex 3050 Mini Tower (MT)

Optiplex 3050 Mini Tower (MT) i5 7th Gen


Optiplex 3050 Mini Tower (MT)
CPU – i5-7500T
OS – Ubuntu
Integrated graphics
Wired KB + Mouse
19.5″ Display
3 Yrs

Complete range of Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro with i5 7th generation CPU
Optiplex 3050 Mini Tower – i5-7500T/4 GB/1 TB/Ubuntu/19.5″ /DVD RW/3 Yrs – 44000
Optiplex 3050 Mini Tower – i5-7500T/4 GB/1 TB/Win 10 Pro/19.5″/DVD RW/3 Yrs – 53000

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Product Description

Essential business desktops with best-in-class security and manageability in a space-saving design. Uncompromising productivity and versatility.

Thoughtfully designed
Work unimpeded: These desktops come with all the same reliability and space saving benefits you’ve come to expect without sacrificing power or performance.
Take back your work space: Custom designed cable covers reduce clutter and match the chassis for a more efficient and visually appeal work space.
Service with ease: Tool-less serviceability and in-band management enables accessible system maintenance so you can you easily upgrade and replace components.
Stay flexible: The new OptiPlex Small Form Factor All-in-One Stand, provides the aesthetics of an all-in-one, with the ultimate display flexibility your work demands.


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